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Ray Vanderby keeps getting the love from the fans
27 Jul 2010

Ray Vanderby just keeps getting the love from the fans. Check out some of these great reviews for his new album “Amoresque” out now on iTunes for the world. Search under “ray vanderby”. For all the latest news on Ray, please visit his My Space page at

“There’s not enough O’s in “smoooooooooth” to describe the music I’m listening to right now. I finally picked up the Amoresque – the Spirit of Amoresque album.The CD is magnificent, better than I ever expected. I haven’t heard anything this exciting or this soothing from a local Australian artist since Dale Barlow. Ray is at the top of my list of composers!” – Graham Garfield, TV/FILM Producer Sydney NSW +  “Thank you so much for the copy of the Amoresque CD which I can’t stop playing. Just love it so much, some very beautiful music. Amoresque, the Spirit of Amoresque a debut jazz recording from the Ray Vanderby Jazz Quartet, is an impressive and remarkable creation. It is as far away from mainstream music as the equator is from either polar region. Nonetheless the power and strength of this seemingly unruly phenomenon is based on its undeniable ability to provoke and ignite powerfully emotional reactions in those who listen. What is most impressive is the way Ray Vanderby, as leader and pianist, plays with the lightness and freedom of freshly minted inspiration and accommodates his collaborators in terms of composition and approach. Astonishingly, he plays and composes by ear and doesn’t read music! Greg Gibson’s tenor, alto and soprano saxophone solos and breaks are just luxurious and never falter, Warren Baker presents haunting percussive effects on drums and cymbals while Adam Bodkin sets the tempo on bass with a cool style and an immeasurable grace. Listeners who believe that free playing is only about angst and catharsis should check out this impressive and engaging outing. One would wish for music like this to serve as a directory for many musicians to come.” Barry O’Sullivan-Producer/Presenter “A Jazz Hour” RADIO BLU FM KATOOMBA NSW.

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