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Ray Vanderby to Resurrect 'Cosmic Nomads'
03 Jun 2011

Good news from Ray Vanderby today as he has announced he will be resurrecting his hard rock band ‘Cosmic Nomads’.

‘Cosmic Nomads’ was originally formed in Sydney in 2003 by Ray Vanderby. The 1st line-up recorded a single and album called “Make Love Not War”. The band had a great run, playing live shows at the Bridge Hotel, Empire Hotel, Hopetoun Hotel, Gearin Hotel and the Blue Mountains Music Festival but it became increasingly difficult to keep the line-up together because of the members’ geographical restraints.

Vanderby persisted and managed to record a follow up E.P. called ‘Dreamin’ About You’. Ray moved to Melbourne in 2006 where the pursuing line-ups recorded 2 more albums. The band performed throughout Melbourne’s live scene at The Espy, Barley Corn Hotel, Cornish Arms Hotel, Grand Hotel Richmond, Ruby’s Belgrave, The Nash Geelong and the Bluestone Music Festival.

Ray Vanderby won the WROC/BMG National Song Writing Competition out of 2500 entries and the band had now released 1 single, 1 E.P. and 3 albums since 2003. Going on a short hiatus, the band now returns in 2011 to bring fresh and reinvigorated tunes which they will be releasing in 2012. ‘Cosmic Nomads’ will return as a ripping guitar band. Complete Rock N’ Roll.

Stay tuned for more information and check out Ray Vanderby’s other project ‘RVQ’ at this website:

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