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Ray Vanderbys RVQ turns into the Cosmic Nomads
05 Aug 2011

Cosmic Nomads is a band that have been around since 2003. Formed by Ray Vanderby with 3 previous line ups and 3 albums released, pressure has been mounting on Vanderby to re-form the band as it has been off the road for the last 3 years.

Since Ray now plays guitar he has done just that and also decided that his 2011 recording project RVQ will remain a recording project. RVQ may re-surface at a later date with Vanderby on keyboards but for now the members are non committal to play live shows so Ray has decided to put all his energies into the new Cosmic Nomads line up. They start gigging Saturday 1st October 2011 at 4 on the 4loor, Victoria Hotel Orange at 8:30pm.

With Ray Vanderby on guitar and lead vocals Ray says he has a hot bunch of like minded young players who make up the new Cosmic Nomads line up:

Steve Dickie: drums

Caillan Gilbert: guitar

Mick Swift: bass

Cosmic Nomads are booked to go into the studio throughout October to record a single and follow up album for a 2012 release, watch out for them, they rock with a modern hard hitting sound smacked with 70’s undertones!

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