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Ready to get WILD?! Antwi Galey and Goodies Music are BACK!
08 Jul 2022

Nostalgic Blue Pie followers might remember one of our oldest labels, Goodies Music AKA Good Music Production. Well after many years, they’re finally back with some Afrobeat, which is just what the doctor ordered with how popular the genre is getting on platforms such as TikTok! I Make Wild is turning heads across the world, and when you hear it, you’ll immediately know why!

As you can hear, this track is something special, and is big in Ghana in particular, as well as our offices of course! It’s extremely danceable, and motivational to say the least. Antwi Galey knocked this one convincingly out of the park, producing a song that is suited for both the youth and for all those who are striving to make ends meet. Featuring the wildly popular Zeal of VIP and VVIP fame, I Make Wild is the ultimate song for the African everyman: it has been written for the coconut seller, the watse seller, the shoe shine boy, the banker who is working for long hours. They can all relate to I Make Wild.

Antwi Galey is half of the “Antwi Ne Antwi” duo. We remember them for hits like Uncle Ebo and Sekina. According to sources, the other half of Antwi Ne Antwi is somewhere in the United States of America. Perhaps we’ll hear from him some day? Until then, Antwi Galey has decided he will Make Wild as a solo artist under the famous Goodies Music Label to make a resurgence to the music industry. This is a welcome relief for all lovers of excellent music! Goodies Music and Antwi Galey are BACK, and we’re still excited to hear the good news even now!

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