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Reggae Central TV: Spreading the Vibrant Rhythms Worldwide!
08 Nov 2023

Looking for a one-stop destination to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Reggae music? Look no further than Reggae Central TV! This channel is an absolute gem for Reggae enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Offering a rich blend of international and homegrown Reggae artists, labels, and music video clips, Reggae Central is a hub of musical diversity that takes you on a global musical journey.

What sets Reggae Central apart is its unwavering dedication to showcasing the best in the industry, not just from established names but also from emerging talents and independent labels. The platform serves as a launchpad for these rising stars, offering them a chance to shine on a global stage and gain the exposure they truly deserve. With the expert team behind DJ Central TV, this channel is backed by industry leaders and management experts, ensuring top-tier curation and presentation of the music you love.

And here’s the cherry on top – Reggae Central TV actively invites submissions from artists. Imagine having your music featured alongside some of the finest Reggae acts! Submit your music video link to and you might just find yourself on this incredible platform. The team is quick to respond, usually within 48 hours, making it a fantastic opportunity for musicians seeking exposure.

But wait, there’s more! Reggae Central TV is easily accessible through various channels, including Samsung TV, Sony TV, Vimeo, Roku, Sony Playstation, XBOX, SPB TV, and Foxtel. With new channels being added regularly, the reach and availability of this incredible platform continue to expand.

Don’t miss out on the weekly doses of Reggae goodness. Tune in to Reggae Central TV through their website And while you’re there, explore the latest news, updates, and the vibrant world of Reggae that this channel has to offer.

Reggae Central TV isn’t just a channel; it’s a community, a celebration of music, and a gateway to a world of rhythm and melodies. Get ready to groove, discover new sounds, and embrace the soulful tunes that Reggae Central brings to your screen.

So, turn up the volume and let the positive vibes of Reggae Central sweep you off your feet!
Available on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and YouTube

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