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Reggae powerhouse group 'Random Order' Sign to Blue Pie!
29 Apr 2011

Blue Pie is pleased to announce the signing of Canadian Ska-Reggae group ‘Random Order’! Having been around for two whole decades touring the globe, Random Order know how to do it and they do it oh so well. They have opened for Patti LaBelle, Judy Mowatt (Bob Marley) Ari Up (The Slits), Sister Carol and headlined many shows and festivals.

Lynn Phillips’ vocal stylings hold strong on an impressive 3-octave range with songs covering everything from: hypocrisy, democracy, love, friendship to mutual aid and a wee bit of anarchy! With driving bass and drum rhythms from Oriana Barbato and Anita Graciano in combination with John Jowett’s delightful funkified trombone melodies you’ll definitely be moved! Did you know you could dance to hypocrisy? Shake your thing to democracy? Think of it as multi-tasking & work it out!!

Random Order are far from random and definitely an order worth following. Stay tuned as they will be live on Itunes very shortly for you all to enjoy. 

Check out their website for more information. 

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