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"Reservations For Debauchery”, the lethal lipped release from The Objex is now available on iTunes!
02 May 2012

The Objex is an alternative punk rock band based in Las Vegas. Over the past few years they’ve have an interesting career, creating a number of pieces, and winning music awards, such as the Best Punk Rock Bank of 2010 at the Vegas Rocks Awards for their talent.


Despite the fact that over it’s history the band has gone through a number of different members, the constant change in contributors hasn’t enables the their ability to perform and create their music. The band has completed tours all over the U.S and other places such as Ireland, along with making notable high profile appearances at shows such as SXSW music festival, The Afro Punk music festival in NY, and the UK Subs.

In March of 2011 “Reservations For Debauchery”, was released globally and has been received with much critical acclaim. After a series of release shows in Las Vegas, The Objex Headed back to Los Angeles for a series of packed shows set up by Big Wheel Magazine. Titles from “Reservations For Debauchery” include their single “Lethal Lips” with other song titles like “Criminal State” and “Art Official.”

To check out The Objex have a look at their myspace, or show your support and buy “Reservations For Debauchery” from their iTunes. 

The Objex are distributed to the world digitally by Blue Pie Records.


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