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Rey T Releases ‘Fiddle with the Middle’
27 Apr 2011

RnB star, Reynard Thomas (aka Rey T), is one of the premier entertainers in the business today and has now released his first solo project ‘Fiddle with the Middle’.

Rey T is a singer, dancer and pretty much an all-round entertainer, whilst also writing material for other artists and producing tracks for his company Prime USA Records and Distribution. The album release is now climbing up the charts proving Rey T’s established reputation as a legitimate artist.

Reynard Thomas is in full force, currently the CEO for Prime USA Records and Vice President Global A&R of North America for Blue Pie Records specialising in R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap and Blues.

Rey T is the “Mob Father of Hip-Hop” as bestowed upon him by CEO of Blue Pie Records, Damien Reilly.

To hear more from Rey T, head to:

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