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Rezmanian Records Celebrates Their Official Launch Online !
04 Apr 2013

Indigenous North American recording label ‘Rezmanian Records’ has officially launched online! They are currently in search of a wide variety of artists across the globe and support indigenous musicians! Check out their official site for yourself and send them your submissions today!

Created by Robert John (the crusader) and his amazing team, Rezmanian Records sets to develop a customised program that works for each unique artist. They plan an individual marketing strategy and offer support infrastructure for artists during; live tours, album production and launches, branding, distribution and more!

Rezmanian Records have a pure love of original music, stating, “We have a simple approach to life, music and the business of turning acts into successful and profitable entertainers.”

Check out ‘Rezmanian Records’ on their official website or social media page below for all the latest news!

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