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Rezmanian Records get a new link site!
28 Sep 2012

North America’s leading independent Indigenous record label Rezmanian Records has just acquired a brand new link site! The new site now has links to the label’s social media pages including their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and Reverbnation profile.

The label provides artists with access to over 600 digital retail stores and over 100 mobile platforms and operators. The label was founded by Robert John in 2011 and was established to provide opportunities to Indigeneous music communities throughout North America. In 2012, its primary focus is on the development of the labels touring and artist and talent development programs.

The team at Rezmanian Records aims to develop a program that works specifically for the individual artist by focusing on the areas of marketing, live performance, touring advisors and support infrastructure. They aim to turn a good idea into a business and nurture and develop the artistic business model which means the artist can connect with new fans and a larger audience leading to greater success.

This new and improved site is extremely easy to use and will allow anyone to learn more about Rezmanian Records and what they are all about. Be sure to check it out!

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