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Riveting Australian Independent Drama "Who Pays the Hitman" Keeps Audience Guessing
23 Mar 2016

Planet Blue Pictures have secured the rights to distribute a great aspiring independent film ” Who Pays The Hitman”. From the moment of the opening scene, an extreme eye close up of a man to a heavy rock soundtrack, the audience is hooked. Released this year on Planet Blue Pictures network, Who Pays the Hitman is the debut film for Australian, Rod Millner.

Set in a run-down emergency room on a Saturday night, Who Pays The Hitman follows the story and interaction of a doctor, two patients, a priest and a Hitman. The doctor patient relationship and priest’s vows bind them both to silence as the Hitman slowly reveals his purpose. They both face an ethical dilemma when a badly mutilated prostitute is brought in by the man responsible for her condition. The film poses several questions to the audience. Will he get away with murder? Do the Doctor and Priest sacrifice everything they believe in? Who is going to pay the Hitman?

Director and Producer Rod Millner has brought together a diverse group of misguided characters, added a camera and has included a killer soundtrack to get Who Pays The Hitman onto the silver screen. The all Australian cast do a brilliant job in exploring how far things can go wrong. Or right, depending on which perspective you watch the film with.

Interested? Check out the trailer here!

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