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Rob Marin turns up the heat with ‘That Summer’ music video!
06 Aug 2013

If the cold winter weather is bringing you down lately, prepare yourself, because Rob Marin is heating things up with his new music video ‘That Summer’.

With its catchy pop tunes and light-hearted summery vibe, it’s hard to not get ‘That Summer’ stuck in your head and remind you of the good ol’ summer days. Within two weeks of its release, Marin’s music video is already getting a lot of attention, nearly reaching 15,000 views! The video has even received positive feedback from impressed listeners including one who stated, “Amazing video! The song and artist are brilliant”. Not bad for a new release!

To see what all the fuss is about, you can check out Rob Marin’s new video ‘That Summer’ on YouTube here. For more info on Rob Marin, you can visit his official reverbnation profile here.

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