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Rock and Roll Muther F^%$#@! ....its time to scratch that itch and ..TWITCH !
19 Jan 2014

The Twitch are still busy in the studio, laying down tracks for 2 new upcoming songs.  The titles for these 2 songs will be Out Of Love & Shout.  Expected release will be early 2014 and will be out on Blue Pie Records for the WORLD. The video for Speed Demon is still in pre-production, expected finish will be before Xmas 2013, possibly sooner and we will have this featured on METAL CENTRAL TV

The band is becoming a solid staple on the FM radio networks in Canada now with most of the rock stations adding the TWITCH and rightly so !!!

The radio teams have been busy spreading the radio love and the band is loving all the attention. Some of the Radio Love for November and December 2013 includes:

  • 101.1 FM KLOL – Denver, Colorado USA
  •  KILT FM – Dallas, Texas USA
  •  KROC FM – Louisville, Kentucky USA
  • Massive Rock Radio – New York City, New York USA
  • WLIV FM – Phoenix, Arizona USA
  •  Z100 Rocks! – Indianapolis, Indiana USA
  • York Radio, York, England
  •  Rock Radio FM, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Radio Robin Hood, Turku, Finland

The band has racked up over 20,000 spins alone for the song “ Freak” for this past year on USA stations!  Your can check out some of the stats below.

YES boys and girls RADIO DOES WORK. The Twitch are ROCKING Canada !

  •  October 6th – November 2nd, 2013
  • 101.1 FM KLOL – Denver, Colorado USA Total Spins – 209
  • GO NORTH NYC – New York City, New York USA Total Spins – 1
  • KILT FM – Dallas, Texas USA Total Spins – 202
  • KROC FM – Louisville, Kentucky USA Total Spins – 208
  • Massive Rock Radio – New York City, New York USA Total Spins – 219
  • WLIV FM – Phoenix, Arizona USA Total Spins – 417
  • Z100 Rocks! – Indianapolis, Indiana USA Total Spins – 417

Total Spins – 1673

Total Spins Overall – 20018

If you can not scratch that itch then you have herpes and if you can scratch that itch odds are the band gave it to you so check out all the latest news for the band at the bands official website:



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