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Rock To The Top! Paul Le Rocq nominated for two Choice Award categories!
20 May 2019

Best newcomer, or best Rock music? Tough choice, both are quite honourable awards for Paul Le Rocq to receive should he win them. Should be be awarded for being at the top of his music category? Or should he be awarded for being the best newcomer, the latest spring chicken to take everybody by surprise and shake the game up with all the new things he brings to the table? That’s the tough choice his fans have to make for the South African Radical FM Choice Awards this November. And we’ll have links to help you make it too! But before that, let’s give you a taste of the awesome rock that Paul is all about.

Catchy, right? Takes you back a bit to some of the old days. You’ll be glad to know that his work doesn’t end there either. While Rock To The Top may be a fantastic smash hit that everyone loves, the rest of his work is equally high quality and all available on his Spotify for your listening pleasure! Here’s a taster- the album by the same name that that particular single came from.

Paul and his team were overjoyed upon seeing the nominations, as were we! In our humble opinion, he definitely deserves to win at least one of them!


Radical FM Music Awards - South Africa. Nomination



So now you’re well acquainted with his talented prowess, what now? How can ordinary folks like you and I help a rockstar out? We can vote.

Radical FM – Nomination voting link – limited to one vote per voter! Deadline: November 30 th. 2019.

Throw your hat in the ring and vote which nomination you think suits this great artist best. And if you’re feeling particularly diplomatic, there’s some more polls you can contribute to if you so desire! This year Paul continues to run in the South African Top 30 and in Spain’s Top 10 from Radio San José. In case you wish to support any of his campaigns, you can vote once a week in the links below for the track we shared above… that’s right, “Rock to the top” is in the running for stardom too! So be sure to support it weekly if you really really love it!

South Africa – Position 3. 16 Months. Week 18 – vote once a week.

Spain: Number 1 this week. 9th Month – vote once a day.

We already shared Paul’s YouTube link above, but here’s a direct link to his channel in case you’re burning for more. And if you wanted even more than that and crave getting as involved with this rockstar as possible, you’re in luck- click here for his Facebook!

Paul Le Rocq is one fantastic and talented artist, and there’s no doubting that. So let’s show him some love and send him skyrocketing through these polls, and send his view and play counts skyrocketing as well! Rock on!

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