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Rotem Hecht Composes for Hershey’s and Shamrock Games !
28 Feb 2013

Professional score/ music composer and sound designer Rotem Hecht has completed two new hugely successful projects in 2013! The musical intellect has worked with giant chocolate brand ‘Hersheys’ for their latest advertisement, check it out below:

You can also view Rotems’ works for smart phone game makers ‘Shamrock Games’, where he also composed the score for their latest gaming project ‘Seabirds’, here on YouTube:

Rotem Hecht is located in Israel, though he composes his works for around the world! He is quickly becoming recognised as one of the next big things in music composition. Rotem Hecht is licenced and distributed by Blue Pie Records! We look forward to furthering his success throughout the New Year, with many more projects to come.

To see all the latest and learn more about Rotem Hecht, head to his SoundCloud page for more information:

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