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Rumion Records joins the label roster and release the debut album for " Rumion "
31 Mar 2013

Rumion Records was founded by Jennifer Pinto and Goa’s rock and roll star ” Rumion”. The label brings together the talent and vision of two incredible people that have nothing but passion and energy for all things rock and roll. Based in Goa, India and now supported by Blue Pie Records and the labels global network, we look forward to working with our new partners in Goa to expand the labels musical horizons as well as to open new touring markets in the USA and the greater North American music markets.

The labels debut release is the self titled album from Rumion and simply called ” Rumion “. Rumion was born in Dubai in 1981, since then music has been his lifeblood. The sounds that resonate from his guitar have been part of his musical DNA for thousands of years. Rumion is a rock and roll spirit travelling through time and he has been here before. His music connects instantly to all who love pure rock and the essence from which it came.

In 2000 Rumion moved to Goa with his parents, and it was here that he began to spread his musical wings. He was accepted into the world renowned “School of Audio Engineering” (SAE London). Quickly, he began to develop his own unique blend of rock and musical prowess while completing his studies. During his stay in London, Rumion got the chance to perform many of his original songs at highly reputable venues, as well as performing at many of the major festivals across the United Kingdom. He was a finalist in the London Battle of the Bands in 2008 and it was at this point that Rumion decided it was time to return to his hometown of Goa, India. It was in Goa that he started production and recording on what has now become his debut album “Rumion”.

Rumion is an extremely gifted and talented multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Producer and Singer/ Songwriter who has now become a local celebrity in the Goa musical community, due to (amongst other things) his non-stop passion for life and music. His music is infectious and seeps into every part of your body and grows into a musical experience that is truly unique, the experience that is RUMION. Rumion’s debut album “RUMION” captures the hearts and the minds of rockers worldwide. By experimenting with chords, sounds and song structures, Rumion creates music forged through the purest essence of rock, in turn delivering sound to the listener in a way that only he can.

Rumion was very fortunate to have been brought up in a musical family; from a young age, his father was influenced by a wide range rock’s iconic music legends, including artists like Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, Queen, The Beatles, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Green Day, Foo Fighters and the list goes on endlessly. With this musical DNA being passed on from father to son, Rumion had no choice but to evolve into the artist that he is today. He feels extremely blessed to be given the gift of melody and the ability to master most string instruments in a matter of weeks. These diverse influences have made his music what it is today. Rumion is a classic rock artist in every sense of the word.

Fast-forward to 2013 and Rumion would be no stranger to sharing the stage with artists like Hendrix and Django Reinhardt had their musical careers overlapped.


With a passion driven heart for all things rock, Rumions debut album delivers the goods. The album has 12 tracks in total. Each song is lyrically genius, while simultaneously inviting the listener to take a unique inner and sonic journey throughout the entirety of the album. Inspired lyrics are sung to totally rocking beats that would be welcomed at Woodstock as they are at Glastonbury today. Complete with powerful guitar solos that can instantly transform any listener into a maniacal air guitarist, Rumion shreds his way from his eponymous album and into a new perception of what it is to be virtuoso. Rumion is here to stay and retains the message of rock and what it is all about ……PASSION and musical expression. With his fan base constantly expanding, Rumion leads us into the future with beacon of world-class rock. For those who enjoy having the music loud, pulsating and rocking the car at volumes that the deaf can hear, we have only this to say: watch this space.

RUMION’s debut album is available now at all leading digital retailers on the planet.

Rumion is a Blue Pie Records and Rumion Records artist. Rumion is distributed for the world by Blue Pie Records. Rumion is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA for the world. For more information on Rumion please go to or search for “Rumion” on Google. You can download Rumions BIO below by clicking the link. Click here to download the album from iTunes

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