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Rustin Records Sign to Blue Pie’s White Label Music Program.
06 Aug 2012

Blue Pie are excited to announce that California-based independent label Rustin Records has signed to our White Label Music Program. The program provides labels with back end infrastructure and management systems.

Rustin Records was established by Sam Rustin in August of 2008 and is currently being run by both himself and Earl Pampaian. Sam also acts as producer and sound engineer when recording his label’s exciting roster of artists, including Mizz Playah Proof, M.O.B., Shorty, and Vital Impulse.

Rustin Records primarily focuses on Hip Hop, but is open to other genres of music as well. Rustin Records highly values artistic freedom and treating their signed artists as equals.

For more information on Rustin Records, check out their MySpace, Facebook and SoundCloud pages.

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