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RVQ Swappin' Singles
28 Apr 2011

RVQ have made some last minute changes to the release of their debut single, replacing their originally chosen single Bohemian with Her Heart and Soul.

RVQ management made the executive decision on behalf of the rock band, as they experienced an epiphany regarding which song they would like to release as the band’s debut single. This realisation was reached whilst recording half of the video clip for their originally chosen track.

Though Ray Vanderby’s composition of the up-beat rock number Bohemian was to be the band’s first single due to its catchy driving riffs, after many late night consultations with Griff Management, they decided the song lacks “enough romance” and thus plans went ahead to drop the 2nd single as their debut.

Her Heart And Soul is a deeply moving song about the plight of a soldier in a wasted land. The song explores the internal struggles of his mind. After serving for his country and returning home, he is traumatized by the series of events in his life. Losing the love of his life puts him in a head-space full of demons and nightmares, the memories haunting him in his every day existence.

“Don’t misunderstand us, Bohemian is a great song, but Her Heart And Soul has more of a current subject matter” says management.

With this new development the release date of RVQ’s debut single has been put back.

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