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RVQ’s Video featured on RAGE!
27 Jun 2011

RVQ’s fabulous new video for ‘Her Heart and Soul’ was featured on ABC’s Rage program last Friday 24th June.

Click here to see the full playlist.

Below is a snippet of the playlist featuring Blue Pie’s very own and very talented RVQ.

HEY FEVER Ask Me (Independent)
VALENTINE Love Like (Independent)
IMAGE OF THE STATE Hearts (Independent)
TRADITIONS Better Without (Independent)
RVQ Her Heart And Soul (Blue Pie Records)
JOHN GORDON Australia (Whore Of The World) (Human Music)
SHANE STEER Finding Your Own Way Home (Independent)
YOUNG WERTHER The Great Indoors (ABC)
CHOOSE MICS Died In Your Arms (Formula Recordz)
BRIONI FAITH Falling (Independent)

For more information on RVQ, visit their website:

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