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Sad News, Chloe and the High Tides have decided to call it a day.
07 Jul 2014

In a recent FaceBook post, Chloe and the High Tides posted that the band has come to an end, they will not be continuing in their music practice, but they had fun while it lasted! 

Unfortunately Chloe and the High Tides have come to an end….. We’ve had a blast but unfortunately will not be moving forward….
We would like to thank you for all the local support and promo help along the way!
Much love 
Chloe and the High Tides xxx 
(We will be closing the account shortly)”

The English pop rockers came together from a wide array of musical backgrounds to create a unique musical style. Most notably is their British take on American country music. Their quirky and folky music has been blissful to listen to. Their energy and heart-warming sounds create a lovely style that is astounding to see live. Their catchy hooks and melodic tunes bounce around in your head for days on end.


Although the band has called it quits, their music will live on forever. Chloe and the High Tides have left a lasting impression on us at Blue Pie, and we are sorry to see them go, we wish them all the best in the future!

“If they are not evoking the sounds of summer then they are bringing back memories of it with luscious vocals, and gorgeous melodies”

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