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Saint Jerrod Figgs track reaches #1 on Broadjam’s Reggae Chart!
04 Jun 2014

Saint Jerrord Figgs received a blessing from the music gods because his track, ‘A Fist Fullah Dub’ has reached the number one spot on Broadjam’s Reggae/Carribean Chart and their World Music charts!

Once you hear Saint Jerrord Figgs track, you’ll understand why it’s managed to reach its way to the very top! Don’t be deceived by the title, ‘A Fist Fullah Dub’ has a consistent smooth, exotic and mellow tune throughout the entire track. Its delicious combination of guitar, bass and the harmonica creates an exotic melody that will transport listeners to a different country like Spain or Mexico. Inspired by the Wild West and Clint Eastwood, this song also makes the perfect backdrop for a Western movie, which is perfect for all the Western movie buffs who want to transcend back to the era of cowboys, saloons and desert plains. The track has already received praise from the Broadjam site, with one impressed reviewer, Arnoux Desir, stating, “I like the guitar, like the bass line. Nice melody with the harp or keyboard…very mellow.” So if you’re in the mood to unwind or have a huge case of wanderlust, we guarantee you’ll be enchanted by Saint Jerrord Figgs song—it’s five minutes of exotic bliss!

You can listen to the entire track on the Broadjam site here. For more info on Saint Jerrord Figgs, you can check out his Facebook page here.

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