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Sam Pollard crosses into Victoria and South Australia!
22 Nov 2012

Day 6- Balranald

The trip from Hay to Balranald was supposed to be easy, considering the long distance travelled the day before, though the ride still featured massive headwinds.  Sam and Pat had to power against the winds and pressure the entire of the ride to Balranald.

Today Sam gave his tired vocals a rest and instead, promoted other Australian vocalists! Such as the Rocky Road Choir, who have had their funds cut. It’s great to see such passionate programs have their voice heard through Sam.

Day 7- Mildura

Today Sam crossed borders from NSW and entered Victoria! Some beautiful views of the Murray River and the passing of a small town were seen to mark the quarter of the trip deadline. The crew got plenty of footage, whilst Sam got the honour of being the first to play in the new Artback Centre, as it doesn’t open until tomorrow! Sam also got the pleasure of being interviewed for a follow up article in the Mildura Weekly Newspaper. Congrats! If you think the west of NSW is hot, pretty soon Sam would have entered Adelaide Outback!

Day 8- Barmera

Sam entered Adelaide this morning after cycling through 120km’s of Victoria! Along the way were quaint country side, grape vines and pretty villages, a sight for sore eyes! The roads were nice and smooth which gave the cyclers a nice rest, and the camp site propped up on the side of Lake Bonney, “Awesome Cycling,” praised Sam.

Check out the footage streamed LIVE at Lake Bonney here!
We wish Sam the best on his trip into the Nullarbor!

Follow Sam on his trip through and be sure to look out for more live streaming videos on the Official Facebook Page!

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