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Sam Pollard cycled for a World of Difference and completed the Ironman Triathalon!
14 Dec 2012

Thank you to Sam for supporting a great cause alongside Reclink Australia and Planet Blue Pictures. Sam managed to raise a total of $1755 for the Reclink Foundation by cycling 4500KM across rural Australia and the Nullarbor dessert, as well as completing the Ironman Championship where he ran an extra 50KM and swam 4KM on top of more cycling plus 18 gigs and enough interviews to last a lifetime!

Day 30 was the hardest for Sam by far! After copious amounts of hard work during his long cycling tour, and very little rest, Sam was left tired and sore! Nevertheless, he made a promise to compete in the competition and woke up bright and early to start his swim at 5:45am!

Sam exclaimed, “That means getting to the race venue around 4:30am to setup the bike and get everything ready.  It’s a complicated race with swim, bike and run straight after each other, and the change overs are timed, so to be fast you need to be very organised.”

The water was cold and choppy being so early, an unnecessary wakeup call for the World of Difference athlete, I’m sure after 4400KM of bike riding and very little swimming practice; all you’d like is a sleep in!

Though Sam felt a little bit disadvantaged, he finished in great timing, and began slapping on the sunscreen for the cycling section of the race, where he finished in great timing and managed to overtake a couple of his competitors! Sam finished in 5:33, he beat his practice times in Melbourne which was a great effort!

It was very hot during the running phase, so Sam found himself having to take it easy by walking sections. Still, he finished the race with his best efforts at number 450 of 1500 entrants, so we are all so proud of Sam!

If you haven’t yet, there’s still time to donate! It is never too late to donate to a great cause like Reclink! Reclink Australia helps donate and support rural Australian families across our nation.

Sam would like to thank everyone that was involved in the World Of Difference tour, he couldn’t of done it without you:

  • Esther Pollard: Thank you for looking after the kids and letting me go in the first place!
  • Patrick Legge: Rider and massuese. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without him.
  • Nic Gilbert: A last minute addition, and what an addition. Great fun to ride with!
  • Simon Smithers: Producing & organising the Camera Crew.
  • Robin Newell: Great directer, producer and camera man.
  • Peter “Rocky” Rothwell: Awesome camera man, great all round guy and amazing cook!
  • Alisha Frittmann and Blue Pie: Gig booking, Research and running the music and social media sites.
  • Damien Reilly: Planet Blue Pictures CEO and was right behind the project from the start.
  • Reclink Australia: Thank you for the support and booking some great gigs with great people!
  • Ironman: IAn awesome triathalon and final performance for the tour!
  • Everyone we met along the way: Some great stories out there on the road.
  • Giant Bicycles: Thank you for giving me a bike that was fast, comfortable and reliable.
  • Max’s Nutrition: The products kept me going day after day.
  • A’qto Clothing: Comfortable clothes with great designs.
  • Britz Campervans: Got us across the country in relative comfort.
  • Sony: Enabled us to capture some great footage.
  • Bicycles Inc: Helped provide reliable bicycles & spares to get us across.
  • Oakley: The best riding sunglasses!

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