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Sam Pollard cycling for a World of Difference - Day 1 & 2.
17 Nov 2012

Sydney to Katoomba

Sam began his charity tour with a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney in the homely Britz Campervan! Everything was packed up and ready to film by 8am for the big day ahead, where the crew caught a glimpse of the scenery and passed the border to arrive in Sydney for Sam’s first performance!

The gig at Coco Cubano began a little on edge, Sam forgot his microphone stand and for the first song, it had to be held very steadily. Professional guys 😉 All in all, the crowd loved his soft piano tones and poetic lyrics, the added microphone stand stuff up adding a bit of humour to break the ice.

The next morning began at the Opera house! Sam and Pat got strapped in and ready to go! The crew snapped a heap of interesting shots of Sydney City and random sites before being told off! Sam goes on to explain, “You can buy a permit to shoot the opera house for $29 000. That’s the budget for the whole trip and documentary combined!” A modest price that is!

Day 1- Katoomba

The trip to Katoomba consisted of riding along the M4 Freeway. The roads were loud and busy, and there was a lot of glass along the side of the emergency lanes. Soon after they were advised, (Via a large sign from a pedestrian), the crew turned off to complete the trip up the mountains along a suitable and more scenic bike path.

They had plenty of beautiful landscapes to film and locals to meet, finishing their travelling for the day, and more! The boys rode an extra 12km to a petrol station in Blackheath and settled in an available campsite. “Looks like we are starting from the petrol station tomorrow!” joked Sam.

Day 2- Bathurst

The crew go a word of advice from a local and fellow cyclist, a tip to ride through a turn-off just before Lithgow, Beautiful, but very steep and difficult! Riding from Katoomba down the mountains from 1017m to 660m may seem easier that day one, but it proved to be quite a challenge for Sam!

They eventually arrived at Bathurst and enjoyed checking out the race course before completing a full lap, where Sam hit 80kilometres speed! Proving it’s not always more convenient for a car to get around with those kind of speeds, considering peak hour in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne CBD’s can limit speeds to between 30-25kilometres on an average trip to work.

Follow Sam on his trip through and be sure to look out for more live streaming videos on the Official Facebook Page!

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