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Sam Pollard cycling for a World of Difference - Day 13 - 20!
06 Dec 2012

Day 13- 15

Ceduna was a quick stop on Day 13 so Sam spent the day having a nice rest so that the crew and he could rejuvenate!

The crew trekked to on days 14 & 15 Eucla through unspoilt, thick, Australian bushland. It was beautiful! The mileage was big and Sam was very sore first thing in the mornings (Especially in his bad knee), but overall the boys cycled a massive 960Km, whilst they soaked up the beautiful, unearthed rural treasures in Australia. We hope you scored a lot of great shots and footage too!

“The main reason I enjoyed the last 4 days was riding through the Australian bush.  The scenery was great and largely unspoiled (except for the big road going through it), the riding was good with a few hills but not too many, there’s not much traffic and each day we saw some spectacular sights.  I was a bit worried about the Nullarbor being boring, but so far it has been pretty good, a few boring straight parts, but not flat and the part where it goes close to the Great Australian Bight (the sea) is spectacular.  I’m sure it will get more boring in the next 4 days, but only 711km to go until we are across!”

Day 16-17

The countdown begins as Sam reaches the end of his cycle through the Nullarbor, only 2 days to go!
They had a huge tailwind leaving Eucla on day 16 so it was a great advantage for the cyclists! They’d beaten Sam’s Ironman time and finished their cycling for the day before lunch time, what an improvement!

On Day 17 to Caiguna the wind had changed, a little bit of side wind was present but once again didn’t stop Sam from making it to the roadhouse bright and early, in perfect time to catch the cricket! At this stage the crew are only 1000Km’s from Perth and everything has been timed out swimmingly…

…It’s just a shame the roadhouse didn’t have Sam’s favourite chocolate milk in stock!

Check out Sam’s Bush gig in Caiguna!

Day 18-19

From Caiguna to Balladonia Sam cycled down Australia’s longest straight road. What they’d failed to mention was that it’s the longest road, UP HILL! Thank you for tail winds, which helped eased Sam’s travels with a subtle push. 191Km to go and the last day in the Nullarbor for the journey back into civilisation!

In Balladonia, their claim to fame is the ‘Skylab’ fell from space and bits of it landed near the roadhouse! They have a museum and everything!

Day 20

The crew reached civilisation in Norseman (Though it has been previously described as an, “old gold rush mining town,”) so it didn’t feel as though the boys were back in a hub like the suburbs.

The weather was really nasty for Sam today with lightning, rain and very big crosswinds pushing him in every direction while he rode. So the crew were happy to be back indoors and out of the storm.

Congratulations on making it to the end of the Nullarbor! Only the homestretch to Perth now!

Follow Sam on his trip through and be sure to look out for more live streaming videos on the Official Facebook Page!

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