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Sam Pollard cycling for a World of Difference - Day 21 - 26!
10 Dec 2012

Day 21

Leaving Norseman for Koorarawaylee was very difficult for Sam. He was very sore, the weather hadn’t been great and they crew woke up in the morning to find out that their Director, Robin, had gone missing!!! 4 hours of time went by  searching the town and surrounding destinations, phone calls to Sydney and a visit to the police station and hospital.

Robin was found eventually so Sam headed off on his trip late and upset, but nevertheless the show must go on…

…Until the campervan got stuck in the mud!

Sam had to end the day 55Km short of his goal.

Better luck tomorrow boys! Good luck!

Day 22

Koorarawaylee to Merredin brought Sam a nice break in the weather. It was 25 degrees and sunny with a slight wind, perfect cycling weather!!! The crew managed to catch up from yesterday and cycle an extra 28Km on top to the Merredin campsite, where they had a pool!

Sam was able to catch up on a few laps of swimming to practice for the first time in a month before he competes in the Ironman Triathlon, in Busselton.

Only 260Km to go! You’re nearly there Sam!

Day 23

The crew decided to change the route for riding today, which turned out to be a great move! They ended up cycling to a small town called York, which saved them time as they had 85Km of back road cycling with no traffic of terrible headwinds, instead just some light and easy tailwind.

The boys got there early with time to participate in a tour of the local prison and some square dancing with the locals! Plenty of time to take some great footage and snapshots for the documentary as well, we hope!

Day 24

Today is a BIG day! Sam started in the town of York, only 100Km from Perth!! He woke up early at his normal time of 3:20am to leave by 5:30 for a fun ride to the city, but got stuck in peak hour traffic once the crew hit the highway!

Sam luckily found a nice bike path which leads him to Swan Bell and the meeting point. Sam then had the privilege to play lawn bowls with the ‘Reclink’ members, as well as some of the families and people who they have worked alongside supporting with their charitable endeavours. Sam even had the time to play a gig for everybody at the lawns!

To top off a very busy day, Sam went to watch the newest James Bond flick in the evening and performed that night at Mojo’s for the 2nd time! It was a long day, but Sam and the crew had a lot of fun meeting a lot of new and friendly faces today. We hope that everyone enjoyed the time with Sam too!

Check out Sam Pollard as he plays in Perth!

Day 25

The ride to  Australind through the old coast road was a little bit of a letdown for Sam. The weather was hot at 38 degrees with very little views of the ocean and coastline, a bit upsetting considering the boys were riding down the west coast!

But the last stretch was beautiful with more water views and the crew ended nice and early at the campsite with only 60Km until Busselton! The end of the journey is near!

To make a donation head to the Official Website, only five days to go until Sam competes in the Ironman Triathalon for Reclink!

Day 26

The ride to Busselton was very relaxing for the boys. They cycled effortlessly with nice tailwinds through the scenic route. The scenic route was close to the ocean with beautiful views. The crew made it to the end of the trip with great ease!

Sam was ecstatic, “It feels great to be here, I can’t quite believe that I’ve crossed the whole country, it doesn’t seem like it.  4,407km total ride distance!  Just the Ironman to go on Sunday!”

Congratulations to everyone, you made it across Australia! Only the triathlon to go and we will be eagerly waiting for more updates form WA!

Don’t forget to show your support for Sam by heading to the Official Website and donate!

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