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Sam Pollard enters the Australian Outback!
24 Nov 2012

Day 9- Gawler

Today Sam Suffered some left knee issues after suffering from ‘Osgood Schlatters Disease’ as a child and teen. The crew stopped over for a nap and some of Max’s Pancakes for lunch before heading off on the road again, where Sam had to put all his effort cycling in his right knee!

They made it battling until the end of the day, where Sam got a lovely massage from Pat.

We hope all is well for the next day of Cycling, Sam! Great effort!

Day 10- Port Broughton

That massage made the ‘world of difference’ for Sam! He powered through the riding today passing the beautiful coastal line and beached of South Australia’s big bite!

Sam put on an amazing show at ‘Palate2Palette’, where the venue was set-up great and a massive dinner thrown for all the locals, guests and Reclink organisers! It was a great turn-out from a supportive audience and everyone had a fantastic time. The crew also got a lot to film, considering, “The Barossa valley and north coast above Adelaide has definitely been some of the best riding so far, really enjoying South Australia!”

Check out Sam’s Gig at Port Broughton!

Day 11- Port Augusta

The hot head winds caused bushfires spreading across SA and slowed down the cycling deadlines! The guys had to research and make sure they weren’t near where they were heading! Luckily enough, Sam made it through the day. However, a cycling trip that should of ended by 2pm stretched until half past six!

Day 12- Wudinna

Today was the 2nd longest travelling distance, but at least it was a little bit cooler. Sam had previously gone from almost suffering Hypothermia to Heatstroke over the span of his trip! Today was a nicer change.

The trip was hilly and rocky, and Sam is entering the Nullarbor! He couldn’t stream us a gig as the coverage isn’t the best. We will have to be kept waiting until the 29th November, “Back in the land of the living…”

Congrats on reaching the Half way marks, Sam and the boys from Planet Blue Pictures!

Follow Sam on his trip through and be sure to look out for more live streaming videos on the Official Facebook Page!

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