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Sam Pollard gets his cycle shoes on and prepares to cycle across Australia to make “A World of Difference“.
11 Oct 2012

Sam Pollard gets his cycle shoes on and prepares to cycle across Australia to make “A World of Difference“. Australia is Big. Really big. This tour and TV documentary will feature local communities across the country and the unique and interesting facets of small town Australia in a way that’s never been done before. This is a new way to see the country. Our very big country called Australia.

The show features Sam Pollard and his cycling companions traveling across Australia by bicycle. It’s all about focusing attention on an area that is seldom pushed in the media. The idea to do something completely outside the circle was born by Sam in his own personal quest to make a world of difference while he is on this planet. This is one massive step in doing just that !

Planet Blue Pictures, Blue Pie Productions and Sam Pollard Music have partnered up to produce the documentary and break this into 1 hour episodes. The project is all about the development of a proof of concept to take the show on the road to showcase cycling, to see and explore the country on a more intimate level through a cyclists perspective, all with a green, low carbon footprint focus.

Once completed the team will look to replicate the show all over the world from Tokyo to London to Paris to Nepal to Africa. Where ever you can ride a bike will be where you will see Sam Pollard making his way through the crowds, the highway and riding down that dirt road to your TV screens on you favourite TV network, cable channels or Web TV link. If there is a screen and a net connection you will be able to see the show !

The documentary will be produced by Simon Smithers and Damien Reilly. The project team is world class and you can get a great feel for the project by checking out the website. This is truly an amazing feat that Sam is contemplating and with the help of some great cameramen including, Peter “Rocky” Rothwell, Simon Smithers and Robin Newell. Along with Sam they will be travelling across Australia and meeting the locals along the way.

This is sure to be a once in a lifetime journey and with the team there to capture the magic of what can only be described as a incredible feat of human indurance we are sure that this documentary will help draw attention to the needs of cyclists and help support the disadvantaged in this great bit Blue Planet we all share. Check out the website for the details here

You can check out all the latest news on Sam and the tour at the following websites:

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