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Sam Pollard gets to writing a hit sound track for
18 Jan 2011


Sam Pollard gets to writing a hit sound track for ” Dealing With Destiny”. Sam’s musical destiny is being fulfilled with more and more requests for sound track work flowing. Sam has been selected by the films producers to write a special song for the the closing credits for the soundtrack for new independent Australian Film ‘Dealing with Destiny”. Dealing with Destiny is an independent Australian production that is set for release in June this year.
We are very proud and excited that Sam has been given this opportunity to become involved with this great Australian indie production. The production company has already sent notes of praise and thanks for Sam’s professionalism and dedication. As Sam Pollard says ” Working with Damien Reilly and Paul Condoleon (the film’s producer) and the team at Track Down Studios in the Fox Studio complex at Sydney, has been a fantastic opportunity to get my writing skills honed for film sound tracks. This along with the touring schedule that Blue Pie has mapped for 2011 will be a hectic year. I really like the film and it has such a fun feel good vibe and I am sure that this will connect with my fans and the films audience. The recording sessions were a great blast and loads of fun. The team was really great and easy to work with.”
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