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Sam Pollard Wins Centerfold Article in WA Magazine ‘Jack Hi’ !
05 Apr 2013

It’s been months since Blue Pie artist Sam Pollard charged his way by bike through the Aussie outback to support the charity ‘Reclink Australia’, but he is still having a massive and positive impact across WA!

Sam recently won a massive centrefold article in the WA magazine, ‘Jack Hi’. The magazine is dedicated to WA’s love of lawn bowls, and thanks Sam Pollard after his sporting and enthusiastic participation of the game on his ‘World Of Difference’ tour.

Denise McMillan, the ‘Inclusive Practices Officer’ for Jack Hi writes to Sam and Blue Pie, “ I have put pictures of you and your cycling team in this most recent issue of Jack Hi, check out page 10! We enjoyed having your group join us for a roll-up at Lake Monger Bowling Club in WA. Hope you enjoy the article and pictures! I hope your ‘World Of Difference’ tour was an outstanding success, good luck in the future!”

The Blue Pie Records, Planet Blue Pictures, World Of Difference cycling team and Sam Pollard would all like to thank Denise McMillan and the team at ‘Jack Hi’ magazine for their generous and fun article! We all had a ‘ball’!

The ‘World Of Difference’ documentary is currently in the post-production stage. Keep up-to-date with all the news on the Sam Pollard and Planet Blue Pictures official and social media pages!

Click to download the article on the link below.

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