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Sam Pollard's new EP Release "World of Difference" is out now
11 Oct 2010


Sam Pollard’s new EP Release ” World of Difference ” is out now on Blue Pie for the world. You can check out the release at his website and the Blue Pie CD Store at Sam’s song ” World Of Difference ” has just been licensed to the new Australian Film directed by David Hannay and Mark Hembrow ” called ” The Argues The Movie “. We are very pleased with the news and congratulate Sam on the win. Sam has also been requested by the producers to play at the films after party on the Gold Coast for the Gold Coast Film Festival. The producers were all blown away with Sam’s talents. Special thanks go out to Maya Saada who designed all the new artwork for Sam’s EP and Sam’s manager Mark Hembrow and the License Team for all their hard work. Check out Sam’s website at

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