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Sandy Wilkinson sharing her voice and passion with her first ever EP album! Get ready for some delightful and authentic country music!
04 Mar 2017

Don’t let Sandy’s mom-next-door look fool you; her exuberant, sugary voice captures the bucolic spirit of the Central Queensland boondocks that captured her heart. The ball started rolling after winning a few local competitions in Gladstone, which led to the release of singles ‘Turn up the Radio’ and ‘Love you til the Day I die’. Sandy seems to be heading steadily onward, crafting her first album, Southern Skies. She really gets the room to shine with rolling sing-a-longs like ‘River of Tears’ to snare-drum adorned ballads in ‘From the Bottom of our Hearts’.

It’s beautiful music right at home on country radio and homes looking for that tranquil atmosphere.

What might be considered the title track ‘Underneath the Southern Sky’ is a quintessential Country anthem to rival the classics. It’s an upbeat album, as far as Country goes, stacked with positivity and jovial chords. There’s a distinct lack of clever glibness or cynicism in Sandy’s music and I think that is part of its earnest charm, evoking shades of icons like Tammy Wynnette and Loretta Lynn. Sandy has big dreams, but they don’t involve ever leaving the pastoral life; she is simply passionate about writing and sharing her music rather than hungry for fame and acclaim. Music is clearly part of Sandy’s makeup and, with Country meaning so much to her, we’re sure we’ll hear more quality contributions in due time.

You can buy Sandy Wilkinson’s Southern Skies album, or singles, on iTunes. Support this true blue country singer!

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