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Sarkodie's latest single "Fa Hooki Me" is inspiring dance around the world!
04 May 2020

There’s new rumblings from Spotify… not just Spotify, but all major online music retailers. And not just them, but even Youtube! The word is Sarkodie has just dropped a true banger on us, and we couldn’t be happier… nor could the internet!

It’s catchy right? We thought so, and so did the rest of Sarkodie’s fans! “Fa Hooki Me” dance videos have been cropping up all over the internet, and some of these moves are really fantastic, take a look!

It’s always great to see real hype around a new single like this, and what better way than to express this than through dance, the musical language of passion? We can’t think of one. Nor could these talented dudes! Their movements are fluid, just like Sarkodie’s amazing flow and lyrics. They go so hand-in-hand that we couldn’t help but link them together.

This latest release from Sarkodie continues his trend for excellent music, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs that he’s slowing down! The artist has quite the legacy behind him, and it’s a privilege to see that legacy expanding in real time before us.

There are plenty more stories of Sarkodie to be told, as he has had quite the interesting musical career, and an interesting life in general… and of course, plenty of amazing stories are sure to come from his future endeavours. They will have to wait for another time, however… or you could rush ahead, and explore him for yourself through his social media and Spotify playlists!

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