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Scary Hands and Hearts Productions brings 85 Classic and Lifetime Riddims and the Underground Sounds of Jamaica!
10 Mar 2017

Scary Hands and Hearts Productions have brought us more than enough outstanding material to keep the year from going stale. A collection of albums and singles demonstrate a genuine and eye-opening look at just what Jamaican-born genres like ska and rocksteady are capable of. Going back to its roots, you’ll find elements of gospel and spirituality interwoven among the music.

Underground Sounds of Jamaica. If you like reggae, ska or rocksteady even slightly the first track, ‘Thunder And Lightning, is enough on its own to get you hooked; it’s really energetic and a great opener. If you’ve ever wondered what the alternative scene in Jamaica has to offer – or even if you haven’t – find the answer in this album. You might be familiar with U.S. and U.K. Ska/Rocksteady bands like The Specials, Fishbone or Sublime, but Jamaica was where the genre originated and there’s nothing quite like it in quality or authenticity.

85 Classic and Lifetime Riddims has some really fantastic selections. Compliment that special someone with ‘Perfect 10’ or shred anxiety with reggae grooves like ‘Turn My Life Around’. Its opener, ‘The Least I Can Do’, is a ballad occupying a unique place of influences somewhere between pop, gospel and rocksteady. One standout, ‘Revolutionary’, will take you straight to the white Caribbean sands of Jamaica’s shores and get your fist pumping and your body moving. Not to be idle, Scary Hands and Hearts Productions also released the singles ‘Revolutionary’, ‘Name of the Father’ and ‘Prayer’.

Both albums showcase a range of artists including Franky Paul, Jossie Stepper, Jack Radicks and Lyme Morey. Scary Hands and Hearts Productions have done amazing work bringing these people together for this quality collaboration and we are the beneficiaries of their effort.

This is some brilliant new music from the masters at ” Scary Hands and Hearts Productions ” from the heart of Jamaica….for real !!!

You won’t find anything quite like it!

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