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Sean Cooney - On The Charts And Video News!
16 Aug 2012

One of Blue Pie’s newest artists Sean Cooney is climbing the National AC Charts in the USA with his single ‘Brooklyn’ now at #55.

Sean has just filmed a video for his track ‘Cali,’ and is currently being edited, and will be ready to air in the near future. But if you didn’t think one video was enough, there is talk of another video being filmed, and you can expect great things as the filmmaker has also worked with The Lonely Island’s videos.
A final decision has not been made in terms of song choice just yet, but to drop a hint, it could be hot, or a real party. Stay tuned!
Check out Sean Cooney’s album ‘The Last Thing I Heard Before the Zombie Apocalypse’ on iTunes.
For more information, check out Sean Cooney’s Official Website.
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