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Self Made Records Releases 'If Looks Could Kill' Latest Hit Single !
08 Feb 2013

If Looks Could Kill has released their latest debut single ‘The Dictator’ through Self-Made Records with smashing reviews! The act worked alongside ‘Asking Alexandria’ bassist Joe Lancaster to produce a works more heavy and guitar driven than ever before, and the results are epic! The solos are blazing and bass thick, complete with punchy drums and exceptionally dynamic vocals by front man Ben Pritchard to top it all off!

Forming in 2010 in Leicester, England, with a mutual love of post-hard-core/scream metal, If Looks Could Kill is one of the most exciting new bands within the metal genres that the UK has to offer.

“Covered in heavy guitars, tattoos and sincere passion the band certainly have all the right ingredients to make their mark. “

In 2012, the band reached a whole new benchmark in their careers as musicians when they found themselves alongside metal heavy weights, sharing the stage with; Hawthorne Heights, Broadway, Hildamay, and more!

Self Made Records will work alongside Blue Pie to distribute and market the next wave of guitar driven rock stars! If looks could kill is one of the must-see acts of 2013!

 “It’s fair to say ‘If Looks Could Kill’ are a band armed with all they need to break their anger fuelled post-hard-core metal to the nation….prepare yourself’”

Learn more about Self Made Records and If Looks Could Kill through the official website! Blue Pie are looking forward to their latest album’s completion.


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