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Self Made Records UK join the Blue Pie Label Roster !
13 Jan 2013

Self Made Records had one hell of a year in 2012, signing 3 amazing new artists and outgrowing in numbers! Self made Records have outperformed leading indie labels in the UK and majors like ‘Sony BMG’ and’ Interscope’ with over 200 thousand streams from fans for a number of their artists resulting in a site crash. All the entention is warranted and the connection with Blue Pie through a mutually managed artist ” Nikson” has lead to a new partnership that has already seen a number of tours being lined up for Europe with Blue Pie acts like “The Objex” and “Burning The Day


Blue Pie Records is extremely proud to announce that Self Made Records, have signed a global distribution and license agreement. The labels acts have worked their socks off throughout 2012, as is the norm for SMR bands, and it’s great to see the label working as a family of bands. With tours on the way sponsored by companies like Loud Stuff that have taken SMR bands to Glasgow, Southampton, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester 2013 will be a breakthrough year for the label with the new partnership with Blue Pie.

Blue Pe will be working with SMR to tour acts like The Objex, Silvermoutain, Burning the Day and the best of the best PUNK, METAL and ROCK acts available on Blue Pie. This will open the way Blue Pie’s touring assault on Europe with the help of SMR throughout 2013.

SMR and Blue Pie will be working with new booking agents to secure lucrative festival and leading tour supports.

As Damien Reilly says: ” SMR are a niche market label and understand the new world order for the music industry. With Blue Pie’s back offices systems and license foot print + distribution network, SMR can now focus 100% of their energy on touring and live events. We look forward to massive success with SMR.”

Formal press and media releases to follow. Please check out the labels site at for more information.



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