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Send in the Joker! Thanks to TENCENT, Barry Crocker hits 50K streams in China!
16 Sep 2020

Barry Crocker, legendary Australian entertainer and beloved singer, has been seeing a rise in streams in China! Thanks to Ordior’s partner TENCENT, new fans in China have been created, and they all love Barry.

After all, Barry has been seeing a resurgence in popularity in certain circles anyway! Last year, Joker blew us all away with its amazing writing and the way it handled truly brutal and difficult topics.
You may have heard several familiar tunes during the melancholy film, especially during the poignant and emotional points of the story. In particular, “Send In The Clowns” might have jumped out to you – and while the version featured in the film is Frank Sinatra’s and not Barry Crocker’s, it’s absolutely incredible to see the staying power of such a song! Some people are even mixing the versions up and think that the Barry Crocker version was the film version, as you can see from that video above. While that would have been amazing if it was the Barry Crocker version, Frank Sinatra and Barry Crocker were said to have been on chatting terms often. We wonder what Frank himself would have thought about all this! One thing’s for sure: this is an incredible song, Barry or Frank, and the fact that it’s stayed around to the point that it’s one of the focal points of the Joker soundtrack speaks for itself, really! And what it has to say is that the legacy of Barry Crocker is on par with legendary entertainer Sinatra himself.

With over 50,000 streams, we think the Joker will rule with Send In The Clowns, so as of right now, we’re going to be sending in the clowns to China to collect this sweet honey, as the Joker watches on and laughs. 😉

barry crocker joker

We’d like to extend our deepest thanks to TENCENT for the love they’ve given us – they’re Ordior’s partner and, it’s thanks to them that we’re seeing so many streaming success stories out of China lately!
But say that Send In The Clowns is still not enough to sate your appetite for the good old days, well we still have you covered! After all, as classic as the song is, the context through which it’s gotten popular is rather modern. Fear not, we have just the thing. Simply check out the rest of Bazza’s Spotify! Until next time, keep the crisp memories of yesteryear in your mind, and know that we can all be good neighbours and good friends in our recollection. We’ll be seeing Bazza’s work in our rose-tinted glasses once again very soon! And for those of you discovering him for the first time, whether it be through Joker or some other pop cultural milestone he was involved with… welcome. We hope you appreciate this modern legend as much as we do. THANK YOU CHINA AND TENCENT FOR SPREADING HIS LEGEND EVEN FURTHER – we’re beyond excited to see a whole new audience inherit this legend!

Barry Crocker is a Blue Pie Records USA artist. Barry is published by Blue Pie Records (APRA) and Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

Check out Barry’s website here!

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