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Serge Ermoll gets the remaster love
11 May 2010


Serge Ermoll gets the remaster love from the Vibe Doctors, Damien Reilly and the Blue Pie in house mastering team. Check out some of the worlds best Jazz right here and out now on Blue Pie for the world. We have the entire back catalogue from Serge Ermoll here for you to dig, download and enjoy. Click below to check the Blue Pie Artist First Store and all the new and totally happening titles from Serge Ermolls back catalogue. They are better masters and a much cleaner sound now than Vinyl and now totally digital. You can check out the latest news on Serge Ermoll at his new happening My Space page at:


Serge Ermoll – Woman of Mystery

Serge Ermoll – Jungle Juice

Serge Ermoll – Passion Dance

Serge Ermoll – Spontaneous Improvisations

Serge Ermoll – The New Language of Music VOL 1

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