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Silver Mountain go live with "A Reunion Live" on Amazon Prime for the World !
27 Jul 2018

Formed in 1978, SILVER MOUNTAIN was initially an instrumental group based around the duo of rock bass guitarist Pr Stadin and vocalist/guitarist Jonas Hansson. Among the band’s earliest members were keyboard player Jens Johansson and his drummer brother Anders Johansson, both of whom would later join Yngwie Malmsteen.

According to MusicMight, SILVER MOUNTAIN’s debut commercial release with the Johansson brothers came in the form of the track “She Needs” on the 1982 GS Music compilation “Sknsk Rock”. The brothers quit to join Yngwie Malmsteen after the “Shakin’ Brains” album came out in 1984.

There are bootlegs culled from jam sessions circulating from this period that feature the Johansson brothers, Yngwie Malmsteen and Per Stadin. For 1985’s “Universe” album SILVER MOUNTAIN added NORDEN LIGHT singer Christer Mentzer and re-recruited Martin Hedener on drums. A SILVER MOUNTAIN reformation album, “Breakin’ Chains”, was issued by the Japanese Avalon Marquee label in 2001.

With Jens Johansson in the driving seat, SILVER MOUNTAIN are now back and rocking your ears to oblivion. You now watch their reunion live show here on AMAZON Prime for the UK and USA. The band had their September 4, 2010 reunion show at Friluftsteatern in in Malm, Sweden filmed for worldwide release. The concert featured five different lineups and was captured using five cameras and a 24-track unit. This resulted in a 117-minute-long film, “A Reunion Live”.

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