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Silver Mountain to tour Europe from 2013, check out the bands live DVD and new website !
13 Jan 2013

Swedish Metal Rock Gods and rock icons, ‘Silver Mountain’ are back to jump start your nervous system and send shivers of fright with the brand newlive DVD and a new album in 2013! The Nordic band was extremely busy over 2012 promoting their new material across the nation!

 Available now is a live DVD and smashing brand new record showcasing the bands talent and hard rock dedication, following the successful 2012 tour!  Thanks to the army of fans that have stayed loyal to the band for over 30 years, a tour was request and over 400 Swedish fans pledging their love in one day, the tour was launched. You can check out the live segments from the tour on the bands website.

The bands success story is truly admirable and the band has been with Blue Pie for over 7 years. You can download their iconic masterpiece and 1st album on iTunes. Just click here.

The band has been a leader and major influence for many of todays metal bands. They are Swedens answer to ANVIL with a harder edge. Tourng non stop in the 80’s the band broke new ground to take thier power house sound out to the world. Today the band is enjoying a resurgence in new metal hungry fans that are discovering that the drumming is all played by a human being and yes the guitar riffs are played like lightning and recorded in the days when you had to get the take right and there was limited room to overdub or use the plethora of digital tools available today to make average players sound like guitar gods.

If you want the real sound and to see this played live by the Swedish Viking Rock Gods of Metal then check our website for tour announcements and the bands website for all the latest news.


Here at Blue Pie we know that deep underground in that mountain their is a layer or pure metal gold with their new album on the way for 2013 you can be sure that this mountain will continue to shine for many decades to come.

Formal press, media and tour announcements to follow.  

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