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Skrillex's distinct sound greets the ears of millions of Kingdom Hearts fans today!
29 Jan 2019

Ever since the collaboration between Hikaru Utada and Skrillex was released to Youtube in December 2018 to 1,193,200 views, the flagship song of Kingdom Hearts 3, “Face My Fears” has gotten fans excited and ready to play the new release. And yet, despite the title of the game, it is technically the 16th entry in the franchise, not the third, and it has been 14 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 released. As such, Skrillex contributing his talents to Utada’s beautiful voice led to an energetic and powerful song that perfectly summarises the emotions that fans have been feeling, waiting endlessly for this day to come.

Skrillex and Utada have masterfully encapsulated the mood of the series, and the excitement of fans who finally get to play the game, released officially a few hours ago!

    • Short version:

    • Full version:

    • The first Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer:

    • All Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers:

Since this song’s release there has been endless discussion about its quality and how it fits the bizarre yet enrapturing combination of franchises, with the series representing both Disney and Final Fantasy, as well as numerous other games and their respective characters in a truly ambitious crossover. It has also sparked a collective excitement in a once-dormant community, seeing remixes come to fruition on major music-sharing channels on Youtube such as Proximity.

Fans of Kingdom Hearts are more than likely going to read this long after it is relevant, as most will be glued to their screens playing the new entry and hearing Skrillex and Hikaru Utada’s musical tribute to the end of the franchise’s current major plot.

But even if one isn’t familiar with the majestic crossover fantasy world that is crashing down upon the world like an enormous wave, they can be sure that they’ll enjoy the vibrant and exciting sounds of Skrillex’s synths, and calming vocals to offset this from Hikaru Utada.

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