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Snake Eyes Seven up on Facebook!
15 Nov 2011

Snake Eyes Seven have a new Fan page on Facebook that we insist you ‘Like’! In return we will post amazing updates about the bands movements in the industry! This is one band that you’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future, so jump on the ‘Snake Eyes Seven’ bandwagon now and then you’ll be able to tell all of your friends that you knew about them first! That’s how trendy you’ll be!

‘LIKE’ Snake Eyes Seven Now!

Blending musical elements of both old school metal and new style metal, Snake Eyes Seven brings a fresh and new approach to the hard rock/metal genre. Lead guitarist and founding members Cole ‘The Madman’ Stevens and drummer/percussionist Johnny Blade banded together in May of 2005 to begin writing and rehearsing new material that would eventually define the Snake Eyes Seven sound.

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