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Some of the most beloved cartoons in history! The Great Film Archive!
23 Aug 2022

Check out some of this classic cartoon catalogue restoration! We have some samples straight from KMI, with heavy hitting names such as Woody Woodpecker, Felix the Cat, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Popeye the Sailor Man, and even Superman himself! These are some examples of the rich bounty one might find within the catalogue at!

These incredible examples speak for themselves, and indicate the highest quality: the partnership between KMI and the Great Film Archives, as well as between us and TGFA, the sky is the limit and the endless creativity that is right at our fingertips thanks to the magic of the current online era is positively tantalising! We’re certain that the genius minds behind these wonderful works could have never dreamed that these creations would be accessible anywhere in the world, on demand, from the palm of your hand, but here we are! Not to mention the awesome soundtracks of these works, which are now available for beat making and sampling, and can be found in-full on TGFA’s website!

You may have heard some modern music on sites such as Soundcloud sampling old cartoons and other such similar media, so we’re certain that such creators are going to have a field day sampling some of this fresh vintage content, especially considering that it is now remastered and sounding clearer than ever! With Planet Blue Pictures as the global distribution partner of TGFA, the media of the collection is sure to be more accessible online than it ever has been before, whether it be audio or visual! And with Ordior as the partner of TGFA too, we can rest assured that the rights of the content within TGFA’s catalogue will be protected and managed properly. With Ordior working alongside Planet Blue and Blue Pie, it’s a guarantee that any lost royalties will be delivered to the rights holders, and that the appropriate measures for managing cyber distribution will be taken readily and eagerly.

If you would like to know more about what the team does, and their archive restoration and management services, then please email

And if you’re keen for more music and crazy toons, there’s plenty of both to be found on the official website!

TGFA and their partners all look forward to hearing from you soon, and remember to have a listen to some of the team’s incredible audio restoration work in our music embedded above, and linked again here. And of course, nothing beats a wacky cartoon! Binge away, people! Zany content like this never gets old.

Check out the main website here, and we look forward to reminiscing with you!

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