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Sony gets ready to dump iTunes and go it alone ?
14 Feb 2011

Sony gets ready to dump iTunes and go it alone. We have been watching the digital news feeds for a while and like everyone else we have been wondering how long can APPLE maintain a strangle hold on the market.

Who would have thought that Microsoft would have less than 40% of the browser market 10 years ago. Well we know that there are many other alternatives to iTunes but dammmmm it is just such a good service and Sony has failed on many other occasions to get its digital strategy right. It closed its 1st offering into the digital music world 5 years ago and now its Bandit FM store seems to be working but how will they get the smooth as silk interface to work like Mr Jobs has done with the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Sorry but we converted to the light a few years back and LOVE all things APPLE. Stay tuned for more as the armies build up to take a bite out of the music garden of Eden’s APPLE. Will Sony run around trying to find Eve once it has taken a bite from Jobs Apple………… . Who knows …. but for now we can write short stories like this for yours and our amusement. Stay in the light Luke ….. the dark side leads to pain and destruction !

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