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Spotify announced two new platform features and the integration of free apps!
16 May 2012

New Platform Features include:


– “Favorite Friends”: Users can add their favorite friends in order to easily see new updates

– “See What’s Going On Now With Your Friends”: Lists friends recent activity and allows users to click on friends music posts to listen instantly

App Integration:

– New feature “The App Finder” will be positioned on the upper left side of the platform

– Current app partners include Rolling Stone, SongKick, Last.FM, TuneWiki, The Guardian, Pitchfork, Dagbladet, We Are Hunted, Soundrop, Billboard, Fuse, Gaffa, Top10, Moodagent, Tunigo, and Share My Playlists.

-Open to all app developers upon approval

– Available for free to all account subscribers (both paid and free versions)

– Available only on the desktop version (other devices coming soon)

Watch official announcement & demos here (time: 37:55):

Watch official ad for app announcement here (time: 1:00):


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