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#StayWithKayL! Kay L almost hits 10K plays with Stay on Spotify alone, ALREADY!
20 Jul 2023

Kay L, the guardian of all things cool and rap in Canada, has not only solidified his position in the industry but is rapidly conquering new territories with his unique blend of infectious beats and soulful lyrics. His newest single is “Stay” featuring Mac Millon. Garnering support from fans and industry tastemakers alike, ‘Stay’ has soared to unprecedented heights, gaining momentum with each passing day.


The track’s magnetic charisma has drawn listeners into its emotional journey, masterfully combining Kay L’s trademark smooth flow with poignant storytelling. Listeners find themselves immersed in a sonic landscape, feeling every raw emotion expressed by the lyrical genius.

The song has a sombre and catchy trap beat that immediately draws you in. Mac Millon’s emotional intro sets the tone for the rest of the song. Kay L’s hopeful rap flow contrasts with Mac Millon’s introduction, creating a beautiful balance of emotions throughout the song. The lyrics are real and talk about the struggles that Kay L had faced on his journey to the top. It’s an inspirational story of fighting against those who would exploit him and a reminder that he is still standing. Kay L’s personal experience of being in prison was woven into the lyrics, giving the song a deeply personal touch. It’s a story of hard climbs and seizing the day to make your life into what you want it to be. The lyrics are a testament to Kay L’s resilience and strength, which he had gained through his struggles. The song is a reminder that no matter how tough life gets, there’s always a way out if you keep fighting.

The track is very close to 10K streams on Spotify alone, so if we Stay with Kay L, we’ll be sure to make it over that threshold together – the hashtag we made in the title is all about that, so be sure to spread it around fam! This is a fast-growing song and with a little bit of love, it’s sure to skyrocket on all platforms, Spotify included. If you’re a fan who thinks Kay L deserves at least that, and what lies beyond it, well… you know what to do.

After being acclaimed as the #1 opening act in Canada, Juno nominated artist Kay L has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down. He’s probably most known for his work with the group District 5, and his clever lyricism and intoxicating choruses. He has toured with the likes of: NAS, SNOOP DOGG, AKON, RIHANNA, FLO-RIDA, THE GAME, REDMAN & METHODMAN, ASHANTI, GINUWINE, SEAN KINGSTON, OBIE TRICE, MARIO, FABOLOUS, PITBULL, BOYZ II MEN, EVE, D12, JOE BUDDEN and many more! Kay L has also been able to extend his talents far beyond his stomping grounds to countries such as Jamaica, where he toured with “Drum n DJ”, a group whom he has experienced much radio success with. He’s established a sound that is nothing short of unique… So add him to your playlist and get ready to feel every high and low that his array of emotional tracks have in store for you! You won’t regret the many different journeys ahead, as long as he’s with ya.

So, let’s join forces, share the message, and continue streaming ‘Stay’ on repeat to propel Kay L’s music to even greater heights. With our unwavering support, there’s no doubt that Kay L will continue to break barriers, push boundaries, and solidify his place as one of Canada’s greatest rap icons.

Stay tuned, stay hyped, and above all, ‘Stay’ with Kay L as he takes the world by storm!

Kay L’s Facebook page can be found HERE:

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