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Steel's 'Cash Money' featured on radio
11 Aug 2012

We are excited to announce that our talented artist Steel has had his track ‘Cash Money’ featured on airplay to capture the world’s attention via radio.

Steel has been very successful in his music career, formerly nominated for the Grammy awards. He also works as the CEO of Ellorenz Records, bringing his knowledge of entertainment into the music industry.

‘Cash Money’ is a track with a hip-hop, gangster vibe, featuring artists Tco and Jyojyou. Together they create a catchy tune that captures and engages the listener. 

The song was emailed to urban radio stations and DJ record pools across the U.S late last month.

Make sure to request ‘Cash Money’ to all of your favourite radio stations to show your support!

To listen to his music, visit soundcloud or check out his Facebook page!

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