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Stinga T Film “Friendship Love and Loyalty” Now in Post-Production, Generating Lots of Buzz
04 Jul 2014

Aussie Rapper Stinga T is generating plenty of buzz around his new film, “Friendship Love and Loyalty”. This modern day South Australian love story is a roller coaster ride of emotions that tests the bounds of friendship caught up in a heartbreaking love triangle. Already in post-production, the film is written and produced by Stinga T who also stars as the main character.

Stinga T aka Thibul Nettle has made a name for himself over the years as an accomplished rapper, performer, and songwriter, but is now taking the next steps as a talented actor, screenwriter, and producer. Originally an Aussie Rules Football player, Stinga found his calling in music and film as a teenager in growing up in South Australia. In music he has had success as both a member of the hip hop group TDB aka The Deadly Boyz and as a solo artist, releasing his 3rd album Shine in early 2014.

In 2012 Stinga started a production company, Firestick Films, and has since acted in starring roles in “Alien Sons” and “49”. His latest role is the lead character in “Friendship Love and Loyalty”. The movie is Firestick Films’ debut and is co-produced by Australian Film Academy. Directed by Maryanne Patterson, “Friendship Love and Loyalty” also stars Kylie Farmer, Maha Wilson, Ezra Junata, and Christopher Facey.

To read more about “Friendship Love and Loyalty” and to view an official teaser, visit the homepage at the following link:

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