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Stinga T has released some juicy new details about his upcoming EP!
25 Jul 2014

In a facebook status the talented musician revealed some tantalizing news regarding this upcoming EP! So first things first, the EP has been given the title:Throw Back.

Stinga T says it “will feature 4 tracks with Junior,Charlie Streetz, Big Sexy, and Konect A Dot.”

You can get your hands on a copy this Sunday! The 28th of July is going to be a great day to kick back and immerse your self in the sweet beats and rhythms of the pumping Stinga T.

“Stinga T is different, original and not like everyone else in the business. You will get to experience his fast, hurricane-speed rhymes…as he brilliantly showcases his phenomenal lyrical skills with unique style, grace, and wit.” – Jamsphere 

The rapper, actor and song writer has been working hard to bring the freshest beats to this album. Showcasing previously unreleased tracks, this EP promises to bring it’s A-game and act as a game changer to the Australian and international music scene!

Stay tuned to his facebook for more details!
For more, check out his website

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